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The Dark Arts have been with us for as long as man has. In early times they appeared in the guise of magic, illusion, shamanism, and black-voodoo rituals. They have been with us throughout the ages. And in modern times their influence has become more pervasive, their techniques more refined, their results more complete.

The Dark Arts are vast, varied, ever changing and eternal. Fighting them isn’t like battling a few unsavory characters, that once killed, rise from the grave and take over your mind. You’re fighting something that is completely unchecked, malignant, indestructible, permanently changing. That’s the dark arts. And the one who fight them, and destroys them, are the Master of the Dark Arts. They are called that because they are so powerful that only the fool who doesn’t know what they’re doing can stand up to them.

The most famous of the dark arts is magic. Some think that there are other kinds of magic as well, but the three that most interest me are ancient (such as invisibility, domination, and seduction), modern (such as potions and charms) and “new” (such as hexes and curses). (Hexes aren’t the same as most games played with dice and card decks, where you can play at random and don’t have an established starting hand or number of cards.) The greatest magician of our time is probably Aleister Crowley, founder of the modern magical tradition known as ceremonial magic.

These days we call the three types of magical arts: charms, control, and possession. The mastery of these arts is the ultimate test of personal will and mental strength. However, in traditional times the arts were used for good. People didn’t like the dark arts for they felt that it was leading to cruelty and evil, so they banned them from society, but it still exists to this day in secret societies and the occult.

There are some things that the dark arts can do that are very real. You can throw a genie out of a window without hurting him or her, and you can cause harm or death to men and women without using your dark arts. The only problem is that these things can never be completely understood or completely controlled, and they can always lead to tragedy. But they can be used to good end, to help people, and the like.

Some people view the world’s greatest magic practitioners as the absolute pinnacle of human potential, or even the greatest manifestation of God. Some even consider the dark arts to be possessed by the devil himself. This is why the devil is the ruler of hell and the one responsible for all the misery and evil in this world. Because of this, people who practice the dark arts are also called demons, or devil-worshipers. It’s understandable to some, but not to others.

A lot of people don’t understand why people of old used such dark magic like the dark arts to get what they wanted. However, it’s important to understand that those who used these dark arts didn’t want any problems in their life. They just wanted the things they wanted, and using these dark spells to get it is the only way they could achieve those goals. It shows that even though you might have a dark side, you can use it to benefit humanity and stop crime.

Some people think the world would be a better place if people didn’t practice dark arts. They say that magic corrupts, and that it brings misfortune to mankind. But if only people knew the importance of using and learning the dark arts, then maybe the world would be a better place. So if you ever meet someone who claims to have dark powers, and you ask them how they got started, be sure to believe them if you want to put your mind at ease about the state of your being, and the world as we know it.

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